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[pdt-dev] Changes in the Help system

Till now, there was no connection between the PDT-Eclipse help system and the real PDT help table of content (TOC).
I've made some changes that will enable easy connection to the existing TOC by accessing an interface that contains all the existing topics in the Help documentation.
The interface name is IPHPHelpContextIds and it is located under org.eclipse.php.internal.ui package.
This interface is the connecting part between the java code and the help-context id's that are defined in the helpContexts.xml and directing the help system to the correct page in the PDT help.
This interface and the helpContexts.xml files were auto-generated using the HelpContextGenerator class that was added to the PDT's help plug-in (The generation was done by traversing the toc.xml of the help plug-in).
Note that the IPHPHelpContextsIds interface is indented according to the TOC and contains comments with the paths to the help pages for the context id's.
In order to connect the help to your component (preferences page, dialog or any other part) you should add a single line that will do the trick. For example:
PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getHelpSystem().setHelp(composite, IPHPHelpContextIds.INCLUDE_PATHS);
Please go over the components that are under your responsibilities and add/update your help context id's.
  • In case you are using a preferences block that extends that AbstractConfigurationBlockPreferencePage you should change the getHelpId() method to reflect the TOC help id in the IPHPHelpContextIds interface.
  • Go over the IPHPHelpContextIds interface constants to see if there are any missing TOC topics that you would like to add (notify Keren).
  • Any change that you make in your code should be made to the HEAD and to the R1_0_3_20080406 branch.
Shalom Gibly

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