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Re: [pdt-dev] Representing PDT for the Google Summer of Code

Hi William,
If I understood correctly you are planning to extend the new PDT's type inference engine,
which is built on top of DLTK framework. I think this is a good idea, and we will be very
glad to assist you in your work. Please contact me directly or via PDT developers mailing
list, if you have any questions.
Thank you for your interest :)
On 4/11/08, William Candillon <wcandillon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello guys,

Last week I submitted an application for the Google Summer of Code on
the behalf of the Eclipse Foundation.
My proposal is called "Type inference for APDT" and bascically I would
like to contribute in PDT type inference engine and using it inside
PDT (please find the proposal attached).

Unfortunately and there is no PDT committers who are rating the
applications for the Summer of Code and I think PDT should be
If you would to register for the applications you would like to see
accepted, please follow the instruction of this post:

Also I wanted to know if there is someone from the PDT project who
would like to mentor me in case of acceptance ?

Best regards,


William Candillon

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