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Re: [pdt-dev] Xubuntu - PDT all-in-one installation/running question

What kind of JRE are you using?


On 2/22/08, Bill Bolte <bill.bolte@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> OS: Xubuntu 7.10
> Please note: only been using Xubuntu for not quite a month, first Linux OS
> downloaded the PDT all-in-one package off the the web, updated the JVM per
> the Eclipse page instructions. Unpacked the Eclipse and started it up.
> However, I don't see the PDT tools under perspectives, not there under
> "other". No "New PHP Project". When I go to "Software Updates", it shows it
> as there to be updated.
> I'm running this on my XP computer fine, just can't seem to get it going in
> Xubuntu. I've been messing around with this for a couple of days and not
> sure what to even look for.
> --
> Bill
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