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RE: [pdt-dev] confirm which branch is for the 1.0.2 official release

Hi Dave,


This requirement is not mandatory as the "best practices" for creating & debugging you project are:


Option 1:

Create a PHP project on your local machine with regular folders (non linked folders)

Create an <alias> definition in the apache httpd.conf that will point to your project home directory.



Alias /facebook "C:\workspace\facebook"

<Location /facebook>

  Order deny,allow

  Allow from all



Option 2:

Create your PHP project in the apache /htdocs  folder directly

This option is less recommended since it will "dirty" your apache installation folders (which I like to keep "clean")


Both these options will keep your web-application "always deployed" that means, when you edit files in PDT they

will automatically be updated on the server.


Hope it helps,

Assaf A.


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Hi Assaf, thanks for the clarification. Can I confirm another point.

I see the publish check box has vanished now, does this mean that PDT must support linked files and folders so that changes can be made to php scripts within the webserver directory structure and also be part of the workspace for editing and debugging ?

Currently XDebug support doesn't work with linked files and folders so I was wondering what the PDT requirements were in this area.

Dave Kelsey


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