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[pdt-dev] Crazy editor behavior

Hey anyone,

I've been getting some insane error messages lately. Insane messages that should never be received by anyone running any editor ever.

But first my setup:

Eclipse Europe release + pdt+rse. So I'm editing the files on the remote server. Everything had been working fine until yesterday. These are some of the error messages aI've received lately:

Error, could not complete end of line
Error, could not complete undo
Error, could not complete indent.

Has any one ever seen these errors before? Where does the fault lie -- Eclipse, RSE, PDT or some combination thereof? I'm guessing that PDT might be to blame as its one of the newer pieces in the puzzle. RSE would be a prime candidate, but the error occurs while I'm editing rather than saving the file.

Any insight would be appreciated. Things like having tab, end, and undo are somewhat critical in an editor. If I can't get this to work, I'm going to have to swear off the use of eclipse/pdt completely.

Thanks for your time,


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