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[pdt-dev] Server Launch Dialog for branch

Hi, I have been testing the new path mapping support with xdebug, and it is looking pretty good. I have noticed an issue with the Server launch dialog for branch PDT 1.0.2 (R1_0_2_20071125) which I am assuming is the next PDT release.

If I have AutoGenerate unchecked, changing the file or changing the server still updates the URL (but only when the entry for file matches the selected file in the dialog)

So for example if File is specified as "/PhpCode/guessingWeb.php"

and my URL is "http://localhost:8080/"   "/PhpCode/guessingWeb.php"

changing either the server or the file will replace the file section of the URL. If my URL was something like

"http://localhost:8080/"   "index.php"

then it doesn't change. Is this expected behaviour as it did catch me out. I would like to for example be able to change the server, but not have it update the file part of the URL.

The other issue I have is that I would really like AutoGenerate to have the option to include the project as part of the URL path.

Dave Kelsey

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