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Re: [pdt-dev] Installation PHP Support in PDT

Hi Jim,

First of all I suggest using the released build -
The PDT project requires a Sun/IBM Java 5 JRE installed - make sure you have
it. It might be that the plugins fail to load.

Please note that this mailing list is intended to be used for the PDT
development. You are welcome to use the PDT newsgroup for further assistance
- news://news.eclipse.org/eclipse.tools.pdt

Alon Peled  

On 11/28/07 9:11 AM, "James Mohr" <eclipse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hallo,
> I downloaded the 1.0 Stable Build
> pdt-all-in-one-incubation-S20070910_RC1-linux-gtk.tar.gz and extracted it as
> root. I changed into the ./eclipse directory and ran "./eclipse -clean". When
> opening a new project, I see no references to PHP, no do I see anything about
> mentioned under Windows->Preferences, as some of the online documentation
> indicated there whould be. I did not find any installation instructions, so
> from links on the Eclipse web site, I ended up on
> http://www.thierryb.net/pdtwiki/index.php?title=Using_PDT_:_Installation_:_Ins
> talling_PDT
> In step 3 "Now add the PDT project's download site:", I try to add a new
> remote site with the give URL. However, I get the message that it is already
> configured for this URL with the title "PDT Updates". Since this is already
> shown in the screenshot, I think is logical to assume that a new one needs to
> be created named "PHP Development Tool (PDT)". However, I cannot unless I
> leave off the training slash, but that seems not to be the correct method.
> So, I assume "PDT Updates" is the correct one.
> Step 4 says 'Check as well "Callisto Discovery Site"' - There is no entry for
> this. What do I check here?
> The only thing I can check is  "PDT Updates", so I do and click "Finish" and
> follow the prompts. The installation appears to go through successfully and I
> am prompted to restart Eclipse, which I do. However, after the automatic
> restart, I still find no references to PHP. So I shut it down complete and
> restart it with "./eclipse -clean". Still, I find no references to php.
> Although the documentation says there should be references to PHP, I open up a
> new project of type "General". When I try to edit this file, I see no syntax
> coloring/highlighting, etc that I other IDEs provide for specific languages
> (i.e. Java). 
> Based on all of this, it seems that the PHP plugin was not installed. I am at
> a loss to figure out how to get it installed correctly. Any help is
> appreaciated.
> Regards,
> Jim Mohr
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