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RE: [pdt-dev] [FAQ] add description and differentiationfromphpeclipse.de


I don't agree with Seva's opinion and it is certainly not the opinion of
Zend Technologies.

I personally think that PHP Eclipse is a very nice IDE and would like to
see PHP Eclipse developers join the PDT open source project and
their knowledge and effort to make PDT better.

As the software development manager of PDT project at Zend Technologies
I would like to encourage the PHP community to keep sending us feedbacks
(even if they contain criticism, it means you care) and feature

To the PHP eclipse developers and any other developer how is interested
in helping us making PDT a better product, please write us there are
many features still not implemented in PDT that can be both challenging
to develop and have great value to the PHP developer that will use them
in PDT.
We will be happy to assign you many of those features and help you to
a better understanding of the PDT code.

Assaf Almaz
Software development manager
Zend Technologies

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Joe -

PDT is an Open Source project, and it means any body can explore its
sources, provide patches and join development team. Why don't PHPEclipse
guys do that? Because of lack of motivation and resources.

On Mon, 30 Apr 2007 16:05:35 +1000 "Joe Kramer" <cckramer@xxxxxxxxx>

JK> Call it coincidence, but exactly same time PhpIDE (PDT) project was
JK> started, PhpEclipse.de project came to halt.
JK> Probably developers of PHPEclipse.de understood that their efforts
JK> not so meaningful anymore since Eclipse Foundation have serious PDT
JK> project in the works. Phpeclipse.de is inactive for a year now, you
JK> can call it "dead".
JK> Maybe this divide was a result of statement published by PDT that
JK> "PHPEclispe.de project has different architecture and PDT will not
JK> cooperate with phpeclispe.de". I believe it was published in this
JK> mailing list.
JK> As a result of all this- who suffers the most? The developer
JK> community. For more than year now we are left with two similar
JK> projects, both not being actively developed. PhpEclipse.de is
JK> PDT is not picking up speed. Focus is on features like debugging,
JK> while trivial features like "mark occurrences" or Smarty syntax
JK> highlighter is not implemented.
JK> Maybe it's time to put aside differences and join forces with
JK> Regards.
JK> On 4/18/07, Yossi Leon <yossi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
JK> > Hi Thomas,
JK> >
JK> > Thanks for the suggestions. I will update most of them in the FAQ
JK> > site pages.
JK> > The PDT project is not related to PHPEclipse project and the
JK> > implementation of the different features is different.
JK> > We might cooperate with PHPEclipse developers in the future.
JK> >
JK> > Thanks for the feedbacks,
JK> > --
JK> > Yossi Leon
JK> > Product Manager, Development Tools
JK> > & PDT Project Leader
JK> > yossi@xxxxxxxx http://www.zend.com/ +1-646-919-1456
JK> >
JK> > http://blogs.zend.com/author/yossi/
JK> >
JK> >
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JK> > Subject: [pdt-dev] [FAQ] add description and differentiation
JK> > fromphpeclipse.de
JK> >
JK> > Thank you for the work you all are doing on Eclipse.
JK> >
JK> > May I suggest some documentation?
JK> >
JK> > -------------------------------
JK> > On the FAQ page
JK> >         http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/faq.php
JK> >     (Answer 5, make suggestion)
JK> > please someone correct the link to the "PDT mailing list" - it is
JK> > pointing to the non-existent php-dev instead of pdt-dev.
JK> > Same link under (answer 3).
JK> >
JK> > -------------------------------
JK> > On the PDT FAQ page please elaborate Answer 1.
JK> > Maybe it is clear for you developers what you intend to produce
JK> > the name
JK> >         "a fully functional PHP Integrated Development Environment
JK> > framework"
JK> >
JK> > For me the phrase is rather a collection of catchwords.
JK> >
JK> > I suppose PDT is going to be:
JK> > - a editing environment with
JK> >    o syntax highlighting
JK> >    o formatting tools
JK> >    o auto completion
JK> >    o error checking
JK> > - test environment with
JK> >    o JUnit integration
JK> >    o debugging support
JK> > - Integration with Web-browser to show effect of changes
JK> > - support for
JK> >    o versioning
JK> >    o collaboration
JK> >    o deployment
JK> >
JK> > -----------------------------------
JK> > On the PDT FAQ page (and/or other pages) I should like to see how
JK> > differentiates itself from the  PHPeclipse project (http://
JK> > www.phpeclipse.de).
JK> > (The PHPeclipse project seems to have come to a standstill in
JK> > I was a happy user of PHPeclipse up to an Eclipse update (I think
JK> > 3.1) after which I could not get my web-pages to display in the
JK> > PHPbrowser.)
JK> >
JK> > Is PDT going to be a successor to PHPeclipse? Or is it something
JK> > different?
JK> >
JK> > Thanks again
JK> >         Thomas Schmid
JK> >
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Seva Lapsha
Zend Eclipse Developer

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