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[pdt-dev] Deskzilla license (v1.3)


ALM Works has released a new Deskzilla version (v1.3) with great new features and improvements.

Attached is a new license for the PDT committers and users, you can share it (also over the net) with whom you want as it is PDT enabled only. Feel free to send it to those who may need it.


1.                  Performance improvements;

2.                  New issue details view;

3.                  Tabular distribution that allows to break down issues by two attributes;

4.                  Hierarchy view based on depends/blocks;

5.                  New distribution dialog with filters and grouping for e-mails;

6.                  Improved component for selecting user;

7.                  Drag-and-drop bug to collection;

8.                  Query reordering with drag-and-drop;

9.                  Automatic naming of simple queries;

10.              Bug table columns auto-fit;

11.              Support for alternative status names;

12.              Support for personal and site licenses;

13.              Other minor improvements.



Roy Ganor

Software Engineer, R&D

tel.   +972-3-7539637

mob. +972-52-3290-754




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