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[pdt-dev] Deskzilla license key for the PDT

Hi all,


Attach please find a license key for anyone that is using Deskzilla with the PDT project.


Shalom Gibly



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From: Igor Sereda [mailto:sereda@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 3:57 PM
To: Shalom Gibly
Subject: RE: License request


Hi Shalom,


Sorry for delayed reply. If I understand correctly, PHP IDE project is using

Eclipse Bugzilla, right? I am attaching a public license of new format for

all Eclipse projects. This license requires Deskzilla 1.3, released



Feel free to share the license key with anyone interested or post it on the

web. The license allows any number of users, and it is locked to URL of

Eclipse Bugzilla. If in the future an URL changes, please let me know and

I'll create another license key.


Thanks for using Deskzilla!


Best regards,





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