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[pde-ui-dev] Meeting now on Mondays at 10am CST & Mailing lists changing

On Thursday, the pde-ui-dev, pde-doc-dev and pde-build-dev mailing lists will be removed.  Only pde-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx will remain.  Where appropriate, please tag your emails with a component [UI] [Build] [APITooling] etc.

We are going to try a new time/day for the PDE meeting starting next week, feel free to comment whether it works for you or not.

Monday 10:00am CST
local:                416-343-2607
Toll free:                866-245-5059
global toll free:        800-4444-1010
conference ID:        1696709

Next week we'll be discussing the retrospective so we can prepare some comments for the arch council.  Please add your comments to

We would like to see a plan for PDE hammered out during July, so please add you plans and ideas to

Thanks and talk to you all next week.

Curtis Windatt

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