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[pde-ui-dev] How to localize internal RCP messages?

Hi. Just new to Eclipse and PDE. I've wasted two days to find answers but
still don't know how to do the next: I have created a plug-in, that uses to display properties of the
objects being selected in the editor. This view has two columns labeled
'Property' and 'Value' (almost every tutorial uses it so i decided to
explain my problem with it).

Problem is i have these labels to be in Russian. I opened
org.eclipse.ui.views_*.jar and found at
org\eclipse\ui\internal\views\properties\. I added,
changed necessary values, and put the JAR back. It works fine! Is it OK to
continue in that way? Seems not. So I've downloaded the NLPack, and realized
this job has been already done - this file is translated. I copied
org.eclipse.ui.views.nl2_*.jar to the target's platform 'plugins' folder and
launched my application again (-nl ru_RU). No effect for the labels.

1) What i did wrong?
2) And then what to do if i need a language that absent among supported?
Make my own NL-fragment for org.eclipse.ui.views? Where to read about this?

Please don't provide me with links like 'Eclipse RCP i18n'. There are only
steps on MY OWN code i18n, not the standard RCP components. I need a good
tutorial on how to FULLY change UI to another language.
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