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[pde-ui-dev] PDE UI Released

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 264056. [target] be able to open external target files using Open File... (FIXED)
+ Bug 264057. [target] warning if no target is selected on the new preference page (FIXED)
+ Bug 264106. [target] Provide careful handling when the "Remove" button is pressed (FIXED)
+ Bug 264696. [target] No information on current target if backing target definition file deleted (FIXED)
+ Bug 265730. [target] [p2] Manage site switch to a preference page but it is not reachable (FIXED)
+ Bug 266922. [ds tooling] add a modified attribute to component (FIXED)
+ Bug 267116. [target] rework p2 target provisioner (FIXED)
+ Bug 267933. [cheatsheets] Create an Eclipse Plug-in cheat sheet needs updating (FIXED)
+ Bug 267945. [target] target definitions should ignore unknown XML tags (FIXED)
+ Bug 268106. [target] Launch config: EE should come before JRE on Main tab (FIXED)
+ Bug 268549. [target] Display more information about definition on preference page (FIXED)
+ Bug 269615. [target] support broken for shared targets (FIXED)
+ Bug 269685. Importing plug-ins as source should not import .class files (FIXED)
+ Bug 272107. [target] Minor UI issues with new content tab (NEW)
+ Bug 272164. check box is king (FIXED)
+ Bug 272239. [publisher] Repository created for a product is incomplete (FIXED)
+ Bug 272309. [ds tooling] NPE in DSErrorReporter.reportIllegalCardinality(...) (FIXED)
+ Bug 272311. Compiler warnings in N20090414-2200 (FIXED)
+ Bug 272349. SIOOBE in EclipsePluginValidationOperation.validateExtension(...) (FIXED)
+ Bug 272350. arguments aren't copied from launch config when creating product definition (FIXED)
+ Bug 272352. Self Hosted workspace has bogus eclipse.launcher property (FIXED)
+ Bug 272359. [target] entering ${project_loc} variable with parameter results in error dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 272361. don't write out 0 for start levels (FIXED)
+ Bug 272368. [target] Target does not resolve after adding bundle container (FIXED)
+ Bug 272427. unable to export product with source bundles (FIXED)
+ Bug 272452. Select All broken in PDE's Edit Target pref page (FIXED)
+ Bug 272527. [logview] button "Show in Stack Trace Console View" has bogus tooltip (FIXED)
+ Bug 272684. Compiler warning in N20090416-2000 (FIXED)
+ Bug 272725. [target] Edit IU Bundle Container Page problems (NEW)
+ Bug 272876. Add labels for compare *MergeViewers (FIXED)
+ Bug 272886. [target] filter text looks strange on TargetDefinitionContentPage (FIXED)
+ Bug 272985. EventDetailsDialog leaks Clipboard (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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