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Re: [pde-dev] Question regarding plugin/updates

On 09/21/2015 09:13 AM, olze@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
How does Eclipse recognize that V2 is _no update_ for Kepler? How can i make sure that Kepler will not list V2 as update to V1 (as V2 has troubles with Kepler)? Do i have to create another p2  Repository?
The best way to make sure plugin-v2 isn't installable in Kepler is to be accurate for the version range of your dependencies in MANIFEST.MF. Setting the version ranges as accurately as possible (relying on API Tools and so on) is a very good practice.
AFAIK, the Installer Dialog doesn't hide plugins that require incompatible dependencies. So it will show plugin-v2 under Kepler, however it will fail to install it; but the p2 remediation page might be able to propose installation of plugin-v1 instead.
A clean way to pack both may be to have a feature depending on both versions of the plugin, marking them "optional". So when trying to install the feature, p2/Eclipse should pick up the best compatible version of the plugin.
If your plugin is meant to go on Eclipse Marketplace, note that MarketPlace site and MarketPlace client inside Eclipse have ability to annotate a version of the plugins with a target version of Eclipse, and filtering the installable plugins according to the Eclipse version.

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