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[pde-dev] Question regarding plugin/updates


I would like to get some informations about Plugin Development in Eclipse. Unfortunately i did not find this information yet, so i am asking here.
Btw. i am new to PDE.

Lets assume the following:
I created a Plugin-V1 which works in Kepler. I also created a p2 Repository for myself and friends. Now i do not continue to work in V1 and create Plugin-V2 which uses some features from Eclipse Mars. I put V2 also in the same Repository as V1 is.

My questions:
How does Eclipse recognize that V2 is _no update_ for Kepler? How can i make sure that Kepler will not list V2 as update to V1 (as V2 has troubles with Kepler)? Do i have to create another p2 Repository?

Kind regards

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