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[pde-dev] Plugins shared libraries problem!

I'm developing a plug-in to eclipse, and following
some  recomedations, I'm divided my ui components from
my control components in two plug-ins.

The core (edu.uniandes.zerankwa) plug-in contains all
their requiered libraries, and some test running in
itself works.

The ui(edu.uniandes.zerankwa.gui) plug-in requires the
core plugin and in many tasks works fine, but when I
try to run an action that needs to to some specialized
tasks inside the core it breaks with an unable to
find LoginModule class:

The same code works in the core tests, so i supose
that is a problem of shared libraries between the two

here are parts of my plugin.xml's
Core plugin:
      <library name="zerankwa.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/apache-xmlrpc.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/cryptix-asn1.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/jdom.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/log4j.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/beepcore.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/jaas.jar">
         <export name="*"/>
      <library name="lib/minimalBC.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/commons-collections.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/jaasmod.jar">
         <export name="*"/>
      <library name="lib/jxta.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/org.mortbay.jetty.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/commons-discovery.jar"/>
      <library name="lib/jaasms.jar"> <!-- jar that
contains the problem class-->
         <export name="*"/>

UI Plug-in
      <library name="zerankwagui.jar"/>
      <import plugin="org.eclipse.core.resources"/>
      <import plugin="org.eclipse.ui"/>
      <import plugin="edu.uniandes.zerankwa"
      <import plugin="org.eclipse.jdt.ui"/>
      <import plugin="org.eclipse.jdt.core"/>


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