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[pde-dev] Classpath in Run-time workbench


I have another path question.
I have created 2 plugins (plugin-a and plugin-b) where plugin-b requires plugin-a and imports it. Plugin-b uses needs some classes from the jar file from plugin-a. So I need to export the library.
Well that is true if I'm starting the platform through an ant script
but if I'm starting it through Run >> Run As >> Run-time workbench ,
it seems to ignore the export definition of the libraries.
So even if I'm exporting nothing out of plugin-a, plugin-b runs perfectly fine while running through the "run-time-workbench".

So my question is:
How is the runtime classpath handled, while running through "run-time-workbench" ?

And is there anyway to enforce the use of the export tags?

As my posting of yesterday it would be really useful if you got some consistency there.

Thanks for reading (see below ;-)

@Bob and everyone else who was affected by signed email:

I apologize if my signed message caused any problems and/or used your time. A short explanation:
The digitally signed email wasn't any affectation, it was just a mistake
because I installed it wrong. And my email client isn't very informative and I am pretty new to this security stuff. I hope so too that there aren't too many idots around here. But I do hope that they still read the postings, even if there is something "strange" with them. At least Bheem did. And the answer was quite non-idiotic ;-)

>Posting digitally signed email is an affectation. Your mail is not that
>Posting digitally signed email that causes a security warning is >completely unacceptable. And impractical. Only idiots don't delete such >messages immediately and hopefully there aren't any idiots around
>here, so nobody will read them.
>Bob Foster

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