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Re: [pde-dev] PDE Build 3.0


PDE-Build supports your use case.

You can build against an already existing instance of Eclipse (that's how GEF is being built).
However there is no explicit support for file deletion, but the various hooks provided should give you enough opportunities to do that
For example in  the pre-process phase, you can get the file, extract it and delete the files.

It is possible to use the PDE build without CVS. You can either comment, the fetch phase in the build.xml or try to do nothing in the pre-fetch in the customTarget.xml.
Note that there is a bug report on support for other SCM (, and I'm welcoming all patches :-)

Package.xml is not used in the build process. Package.xml can be compared to build.xml, in the sense that it provides basic steps to drive call to generated scripts. It is used
to package products. In the builder terminology "packaging" means taking a all bunch of already built product and create a common zip from them (for example we could create eclipse-sdk
using the packager , packaging : platform binary, jdt runtime binary, and pde).



Gunnar Wagenknecht <G.Wagenknecht@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: pde-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

08/28/2003 03:36 AM
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I'm evaluating a build process for our branded Eclipse based on the
org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder. We don't use CVS and we don't want to
compile Eclipse itself. Instead we are using the released ZIP files, extract
them and delete unwanted files (the launcher).

Is it possible to use the PDE Build 3.0 with other or without SCM systems
(like ClearCase)? Which role plays the package.xml in the "scripts"
directory of the PDE build plugin? I looked through the eclipsebuilder and
it doesn't seem to get called.

Thanks, Gunnar
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