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[pde-dev] Roudtrip plugin



We are developing a plugin which listens for events in eclipse IDE and sends events to eclipse IDE.


So when a class is created in eclipse, I get an event in my plugin, similarly I want to send an event to eclipse from my plugin.


I have a third party product developed in C++ using COM, so I have created a wrapper plugin which has the required jars and dlls. I put this plugin in the required section of my plugin, but since I need this plugin at runtime to communicate with, I put it in runtime section too.


After all the setup when I try to run the plugin, I am able to get events in my plugin from Eclipse but am not able to send events to Eclipse – I keep getting NoClassDefFoundError. Since this same class is used for sending and receiving events from eclipse, it seems to be found while sending events from Eclipse but not when Eclipse should receive events.


So looks like there are two different class loaders working, how do I make sure that same class loader is used in both the round trip actions?


Any help is appreciated,


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