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[pde-dev] pde-dev:Problems

	Some problems during developing my eclipse plugin:
	I create an editor for my own language(ATL). I define the icon property in extension.But when I run my workbench and create a 1.atl file the messagedialog popup and tell me:
	unable to instantiate editor:org.eclipse.atl.editor(my own editor defined in plugin.xml)
	org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Plugin "org.eclipse.atl" was unable to instantiate
    When I remove the icon property everything is run Why? Can you tell me?
    Another is I want to highlight my own keywords . I write my code according to the "org.eclipse.ui.examples.javaeditor" and I remove some usefulless functions such as codeassistant and annotation so that I can take some earlier test of my editor. But when I create my *.atl the keywords I have defined are not highlighted in its color.Everything is done according to the javaeditor.
    Anyone help?
    Lots of thanks!

        Joseph Lee

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