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[papyrus-sysml-users] [SysML 1.4] Stackeholder difference between the norm and the implementation

Hi everyone,


I just came by something strange, it seems to have a difference between the “paper norm” and the profile implementation that we use.


It’s about the Stakeholder.


The norm : Stakeholder


A stakeholder represents a role, group or individual who has concerns that will be addressed by the View of the model.


• concernList: Comment [*]

The interests of this stakeholder.

• /concern: String [*]

The interests of this stakeholder displayed as the body of the comments from concernList.



The profile :



The generated code :

Comment getConcernList();

EList<Comment> getConcern();



ð  I would expect 

o   EList<Comment> getConcernList();

o   EList<String> getConcern();


Did I missed something ?






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