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Re: [papyrus-ic] Interactive lecture on UML-RT for the rover in Aston University

Hey Antonio,

On 2017-10-24 06:47 PM, Garcia-Dominguez, Antonio wrote:
For cross-compilation, Gaël also wrote an excellent article on Github. It is available here:
Interestingly, Linux is TBD there: perhaps he'd like to link to my blog post about how to do it?
I CCed Gaël so he can directly reply :) (although I think he is already in the mailing-list).



In addition to the Models'2017 tutorial, you may be interested in checking the materials
presented at EclipseCon Toulouse this year. It was a Papyrus-RT workshop (half-day)
focusing on using Papyrus-RT for the Rover:

Excellent! The line follower is much nicer than my silly bumping into walls. I'll definitely pass
it on to any students that wish to go forward from my slides.

As an additional comment, in,
it is possible to dynamically link the wiringPi library into the <UMLRTS_ROOT>/build/buildtools/x86-gcc-4.6.3/

By doing so, you can just invoke make without arguments.
That sounds good, but I tend to prefer keeping libraries separate in case I may want to recombine them :-).

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