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[papyrus-ic] [picrac] Papyrus IC Research/Academia committee meeting

Hello everyone, and happy new year!

This message is to inform you that the first meeting for the Research/Academia committee is this Thursday, Jan. 12th at 16:00 CET, 15:00 GMT, 10:00EST. 

We will be using the same connection as last year:

The agenda for Thursday is as follows:
  • Status of plan for 2017
  • Update on the rovers
  • Webinar organization
  • Organization of a meeting with the EU commission
    • Who would be interested in participating?
    • Establishing contacts with EU program officers
  • Discussion of a draft slide on
    • reasons for joining the Papyrus IC, for both companies and individuals in industry and in research/academia
    • process for joining the IC
  • Possibility of organizing the Ericsson Modelling Days 2017
If there are any issues that you would like to add to the agenda, please let us know.

Please find attached the minutes from the last meeting for your review.


Ernesto Posse

Ernesto Posse

Attachment: MoM-2016-12-01.pdf
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