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[papyrus-ic] Papyrus IC rover allocation for 2016

On behalf of the Papyrus Industry Consortium we would like to inform that the following people have been selected to receive a rover from the consortium:
  • Juergen Dingel (Queen's University)
  • Tanja Mayerhofer (T.U. Wien)
  • David Schmelter (Fraunhofer IEM)
  • Joerg Tessmer (Robert Bosch GmbH)
The selection criteria used was the following:
  • The intended use must be in the software and/or systems engineering space
  • The application form must provide enough information regarding the rover's usage and deliverables (experience report, publications, materials, etc.)
  • The project(s) or course(s) must use one of the products in the Papyrus family
  • The project(s) or course(s) must be aligned with one of the Papyrus IC's:
    • market goals for the year
    • research/academia goals for the year
    • recruitment goals for the year
We will be informing the recipients when the rovers are expected to be delivered as soon as we finalize the shipment arrangements. 

We also ask the recipients to inform us if the shipping address is different than the address provided in the application.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Thank you

Ernesto Posse
Ernesto Posse

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