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Re: [paho-dev] Maintenance of paho.mqtt.embedded-c

Hi Oleg,

apologies for the late reply. I am the maintainer for that repository, but yes as you observe I haven't looked at it for a long time. I wasn't sure how much use it was getting and how much interest there was - I'm please to hear that RIOT is using it. (The main Paho C client took up most of my time).

Some information about becoming a committer in Eclipse can be found here:




I'll contact you separately so we can have a more detailed discussion.

Ian Craggs

On 01/12/2022 01:52, Oleg Hahm wrote:

we're using paho.mqtt.embedded-c as a package for the RIOT operating system
( While trying to fix little bug I figured
that the original code base for the embedded C library of Paho seems to be
somewhat unmaintained. The last commit was added five years ago and there's
lengthy backlog of open pull requests. Is there anyone still maintaining this
codebase? If the answer is no, what would be needed to actually become a

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