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Re: [paho-dev] Schedule for next Paho C (v1.4.0?)

Hi Frank,

I am thinking about making a 1.3.10 release before a 1.4.0 as there are a few useful fixes that have gone in to the develop branch.  This would have no external changes over 1.3.9.  And then 1.4.0 would contain the rest of the issues currently targeted at 1.4.0.


On 20/01/2022 15:03, Frank Pagliughi wrote:
Hello Ian (and all),

I've started work on updates for the Paho Rust and C++ clients. At this point, they will target C v1.3.9, but I was wondering if there might be thoughts of the next C version coming out soon. If so, we might coordinate the releases.


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