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Re: [paho-dev] Python - dropping support for 2.7

Roger Light <roger@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Thanks for your perspective. I'm not desperate to remove support, it
> won't make a great deal of difference in the code itself - but there
> is no effort to provide support for 2.7 so it's more likely to break.
> If it is going to be an issue removing I'm happy to leave it longer.

I looked into the Network UPS Tools situation.  NUT doesn't have a
recent release, but it's been so long since the last release that it's
sort of reasonable to expect people to use it from git.  There is now
(in git) a python3-compatible version of the module to get status, and I
converted my program that gets status and reports over mqtt to python3,
with just the usual bytes/strings pain.

So while my comments about how people using python have to stay on 2.7
if any module they use is 2.7-only, PyNUT is no longer 2.7-only, and I
currently don't know of any specific modules that somebody might need to
use with paho mqtt.

So it is seeming that the end of 2.7 is drawing near faster than it was
earlier.  Basically the pressure on anyone with non-3 code to get with
the program is increasing.

All that said, if the end of 2.7 can be spring instead of this fall,
that is likely to cause less grief.  But we might already be in a
situation where it would bother zero people.

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