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[paho-dev] Travis-CI builds for Paho

Hello everyone. 

I've been using Travis-CI builds for Linux and Mac for several years now using what were the free Open Source accounts on  Now that has been closed, and only exists.  There seems to be an option for a free account on, but the Eclipse Github repos are all under the Eclipse account, so this appears to be ruled out as all the Eclipse Travis builds are now more than 2 months old?Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives for Mac OS builds in particular?  I'm still using AppVeyor for Windows builds, and this says it supports MacOS now as well as Linux - and I'm assuming that that will continue to exist for the forseeable future as I've not heard otherwise (anyone know different?).  The Eclipse Jenkins build system can be used for Linux.  Are there any other options that anyone has experience of or can suggest?Thanks for any help.

Ian Craggs

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