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Re: [paho-dev] controing generated persistent messages

It's an interesting idea about user-controlled ACKs. I always go with AMQP over MQTT if I have reliable connections and powerful enough machines, partly due to this and the various other use cases AMQP brings.

I wonder if the thinking is that AMQP is more of a pull model while MQTT is more push. If you don't ACK a QoS=1 message, the broker will keep throwing the message at you at some undefined rate. Is that what you want?  And then how do you handle the full handshake of QoS=2?


On 3/26/21 1:00 PM, Peter Silva wrote:

(repost because the subject was a mistaken post of message content... sorry about that.)

An easier answer to this question is to allow application control over acknowledgements.  I come from AMQP... and use explicit acks over there.
You only acknowledge messages when you know processing is done...
I have a pull request to add explicit ack mode to the python-paho library here:

23 days so far with no response...  feedback welcome.

fwiw, the lack of this kind of user control of acks is really crippling for a lot of use cases.

On 3/12/21 12:01 PM, Frank Pagliughi wrote:
Persist your application queue?

Create a file when the connection is lost, then append messages to the end of the file. Be sure to flush each time you add data. That should be easy enough. Depending on your system you could also use a little cache or DB, like Redis (with persistence enabled) or SQLite.


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