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Re: [paho-dev] Paho C and C++ build systems

That sounds good Frank.  I'm no expert in CMake either.

A big concern of mine is that we make sure the Conan packaging still works - that mainly depends on the input CMake parameters and the packaging.  I've spent some time recently getting that into a good shape for the C client (I am going to look at it for the C++ client too).


On 01/09/2020 16:00, Frank Pagliughi wrote:
Hey Ian, and all,

I'd like to spend a little time in the near future getting the CMake
build systems for the Paho C and C++ libraries fixed and modernized. A
huge percentage of the requests I'm getting lately are just about how to
build and install the libraries. I know there's also a push lately to
just get the projects into Conan and/or create installable packages, but
fixing the CMake would help there, too.

What I would like to do is:
1. Get the build systems of both projects up-to-date with current,
modern, modular CMake best practices.
2. Properly handle transient dependencies
3. Properly export the installs with consistent naming, etc
4. Have the C++ lib automatically build the C lib if not found

That sort of thing.

I'm a bit of a CMake novice, but have been trying to get up to speed
lately. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Frank P.

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