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[paho-dev] Failing to connect to mosquitto in GitHub/Travis tests


Hey All,

The unit tests for the Paho C++ library have been failing for the last week or more. The tests install mosquitto and use it to connect over localhost inside the container. Now I'm getting all connection failures:
Test Results:
Run: 224 Failures: 2 Errors: 55
1) test: mqtt::async_client_test::test_connect_0_arg (F) line: 178 /home/travis/build/eclipse/paho.mqtt.cpp/test/cppunit/async_client_test.h
forced failure
- Connection failure: MQTT error [-1]: TCP/TLS connect failure
2) test: mqtt::async_client_test::test_connect_1_arg (E)
uncaught exception of type mqtt::exception
- MQTT error [-1]: TCP/TLS connect failure
I tried re-submitting an old version that had passed, and it failed as well, so I don't think it's from any new code that I've added recently.

I have Travis running xenial and appears to be downloading and installing mosquitto 1.6.7.

Any ideas? I'm stumped.


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