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Re: [paho-dev] Regd Paho MQTT client vs Mosquitto MQTT client

Ian Craggs <icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 2. I can say for the Paho client(s) that the MQTTClient API was
> intended to mirror the Paho Java API of the time, to give a family
> feel.  It generally blocks, is meant to be easy to use rather than
> high performing.

So therefore one would use it either if 1) it's totally ok if the whole
application  goes out to lunch for minutes if there's a netflake or 2)
more likely, from a thread dedicated to MQTT?

> 4. Both Paho APIs have persistence capability, which means that
> message state and buffered messages can be stored between instances of
> an application.  The last time I looked, libmosquitto did not have
> this.

Do you mean that if I have a program which

  has various things happen that I want to report

  tries to connect to the broker, and tries to reconnect when that fails
  or breaks

  perhaps configured for persistence

then reportable things (post message foo to topic bar) will be stored in
a file/db, and when the broker is available those messages will be

I have long been unclear on the philosophy of MQTT has pub/sub vs
"Message Queue", and what I should do if a device e.g. generates a temp
observation once/minute and is offline for a while.

Sort of off topic, and sorry if that's a problem, but I am guessing many
here would be interested in hearing opinions on this sort of thing.


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