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Re: [paho-dev] Regd Paho MQTT client vs Mosquitto MQTT client


1. They came from different authors, myself for Paho and Roger Light for libmosquitto.  They reflect the design decisions of the authors.  Which you prefer for style is probably a personal choice.

2. I can say for the Paho client(s) that the MQTTClient API was intended to mirror the Paho Java API of the time, to give a family feel.  It generally blocks, is meant to be easy to use rather than high performing.

3. The MQTTAsync API is intended to be entirely non-blocking (apart from waitForCompletion) and so suitable for environments where API calls must not wait.  It is capable of higher throughput than the MQTTClient API, but probably harder to use.

4. Both Paho APIs have persistence capability, which means that message state and buffered messages can be stored between instances of an application.  The last time I looked, libmosquitto did not have this.


On 13/09/2019 11:27, Vasanth Ragavendran wrote:

I'm a newbie to MQTT and Paho. I came across Mosquitto project from
Eclipse having a libmosquitto for developing MQTT clients. There is
Paho for MQTT client of course. I'm interested in C libraries. Whats
the difference between the Mosquitto MQTT client and Paho MQTT clients
in terms of functionality, both being from Eclipse. I tried searching
online but couldn't find any concrete answer.

Thanks and regards.
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