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[paho-dev] Paho C client utilities and man pages

Hi all,

I've been updating the C client utilities (paho_c_pub and paho_c_sub) to support:

  • MQTT 5.0
  • WebSockets

using the same options as mosquitto_pub/sub, so they should be pretty much interchangeable.  There's one major addition: the -c option (--connection) to take a connection string rather than host/port for connection details.  This means that a secure websockets connection can be made with this option:

-c wss://

for instance.  To use version MQTT 5, use the -V 5 option.  They're in the master branch of the repo right now if you want to try them out.

Now, anyone got good ideas about the best/easiest way to write man pages for them?

Ian Craggs
icraggs@xxxxxxxxxx                 IBM United Kingdom
Eclipse Paho Project Lead & Mosquitto Committer

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