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[paho-dev] Regarding SSL for MQTT

Dear Team,

            My requirement is i need to send data to mosquitto broker with asynchronous secured library.

            I had done sending data without SSL.

            I had generated server, client's keys and certificates.

            I copied to certs and ca_certificate of mosquitto folder and also changed mosquitto.conf file as required.

            i found that test5 binary which is for Mutual SSL authentication but when i run this binary, i got below prints

""""Assertion failed, file ../../src/../test/test5.c, line 719, description: There should be no failures in this test. test2aOnConnectFailure callback was called
20180521 214735.500 failed: test test2a. 4 tests run, 1 failures.
20180521 214735.500 Total tests run: 4
20180521 214735.500 verdict fail"""""

    I dont understand what it is. kindly help me with this.

    Kindly provide if any example is available for asynchronous ssl.



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