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Re: [paho-dev] MQTT-SN talk at EclipseCon

Il 16/03/2015 16:46, Ian Craggs ha scritto:

I think that means MQTT-SN allows mesh networking (depending on the
capabilties of the underlying transport like ZigBee, UDP).  Do you?

well actually in the context of mesh networking as implemented in Zigbee and others (DASH7, ZWave, BATMAN to name a few) it's common understanding that "mesh" relates to the possibility that a message going from A to B, where A and B are not mutually directly connected because of topology, can pass through C (and so forth up to a configured maximum number of intermediate nodes) and the protocol integrates a transparent logic so that the best (or possible) route from A to B is determined once / continuously / when needed.

This is not exactly what's given by MQTT-SN I think: retransmission is there but not a proper routing protocol like AODV or any other.

Thanks S

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