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[paho-dev] VIPER: developing in Python for Arduino and similar

With three colleagues we just launched VIPER a python virtual machine for Arduino, UDOO, Spark and all other ARM 32bit boards and micro-controllers.

VIPER runs on top of a real-time operating system so you have all the python high level features like multithreaded, timers, exceptions, events etc.

With VIPER developing for IoT and including modules like Paho is very easy!

check VIPER here

For any comments and feedback just ask.

Daniele Mazzei, PhD
Research Assistant
Phd on Biomedical Engineering
Research Center "E.Piaggio"
Tel: +39-050-2217061
Faculty of Engineering
Largo Lucio Lazzarino, 1 56122 Pisa
Italy - http://www.faceteam.it

Please consider your environmental responsibility.  Before printing this e-mail please ask yourself: "Do I really need a hard copy?"

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