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[paho-dev] AlarmManager accuracy

I am using Paho MQTT Android service on a Kitkat device. I noticed that sometimes AlarmManager notification does not happen and this leads to disconnection. After searching the reason for this, I found this note in the Android documentation:

Beginning in API 19, the trigger time passed to this method is treated as inexact: the alarm will not be delivered before this time, but may be deferred and delivered some time later. The OS will use this policy in order to "batch" alarms together across the entire system, minimizing the number of times the device needs to "wake up" and minimizing battery use. 

There are two alternates to solve this issue; either use setExact or setWindow function to schedule the alarm. In order to use either of these functions, the minimum API needed is 19.

When compiling Paho Java and Android service based on Maven commands mentioned below, it always uses API 16:

My questions:
1) Is there a plan to support API 19 or later for the Paho Android service?
2) Is there a plan to change the AlarmManager call from set to setWindow? I will be happy to help with this task.


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