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Re: [paho-dev] Organizing Paho Releases

Hi Ian,

>> Just to be clear, are you saying that if I decide to implement a
>> feature I must file a bug for it first?
> not *must* exactly, but I'd appreciate it if we could follow that policy
> in as much as makes good sense, in the spirit of having open plans, and
> for me in managing releases.  We can document our intentions on a wiki
> or other places, but the bugs show up in the plan document, which goes
> into the release review.

I understand - that makes good sense. I'll try and follow that principle.

>>> If this means you would like to change the version number on the Python
>>> client, then you can do.
>> Ok... but presumably that needs to happen within the context of a
>> project release?
> It wouldn't be "official" until a project release, but otherwise it
> could be any time, I guess.  Why, would you like the Python client to
> have another version number?

Right - it was the "official" side of things I was wondering about. I
don't think the Python client needs a different version number.



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