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Re: [paho-dev] Organizing Paho Releases

Hi Ian,

This is a tricky problem! Before writing anything else, I see that our
release plan suggests 1.1 will be released in 10 short days. Are we
still planning on doing that? If so, I've got some fixes to sort out
for the Python client :)

I feel as though keeping the version numbers of the different
components the same is going to result in reduced pain down the line.
I also believe that code that joins the Paho project should be treated
as "new", which doesn't conflict with keeping version numbers
consistent across the project.

I'm not sure about the best plan for sub 1.0 components - it seems as
though a permanent incubator project would be the best bet if only it
could have releases.



On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 10:58 AM, Ian Craggs
<icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello, anyone with suggestions or thoughts!
> Paho is a bit different from your average project, being a collection of
> disparate components at somewhat different stages of maturity.  I am trying
> to decide how to organize official releases of Paho.  The next ones would be
> 1.1 and 1.2.
> 1) I would like to release the Android service, but preferably not at 1.0
> level, but at 0.8 or 0.9, as I would like to get more feedback from real use
> before deciding it is 1.0 worthy.  But the main Paho project has graduated,
> so it doesn't seem right to add it to a Paho release 1.1 for instance.  The
> Paho permanent incubator could be the place for it, except that permanent
> incubators can't have releases.  Another sub-project could solve the problem
> but would be a significant amount of work setting it up.  Other components
> will be in the same position in the future.
> 2) I would like to have an official release which includes Paolo Patierno's
> .Net (and WinRT!) MQTT client, which is currently on version 3.6.  I think
> having this version (3.6) in a release 1.1 of Paho, is not a problem, from
> previous discussions.  Is there any reason to not go with Paolo's current
> versioning?
> Thanks
> --
> Ian Craggs
> icraggs@xxxxxxxxxx                 IBM United Kingdom
> Paho Project Lead; Committer on Mosquitto
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