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Re: [paho-dev] Android - Differences between old and new version of Java Paho client

Ahh, I should have mentioned this a while ago. Due to eclipse packaging requirements the package name has changed between 0.4 and 0.9, if you look higher up in the maven repo; you can see that mqtt-client is now org.eclipse.paho.client.mqttv3 at the time I couldn't find a way to keep the name as before and still produce the output files we needed for eclipse.


On 23/06/14 17:01, Brad Anderson wrote:
I noticed last week that I could only consume up to 0.4 in the public
maven repository.  I assumed this was because the other versions for
some reason were not ready to be published and that was a different process.

On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 5:55 AM, Andy Piper <andypiperuk@xxxxxxxxx
<mailto:andypiperuk@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    I've tried this with Paho 0.9 in the latest Android Studio and I
    have it working without disconnections between both mosquitto
    running on my local machine ( and also between <> (which is the new URL for <>).

    On thing this did highlight is that I don't think our Maven repo is
    set up correctly beyond 0.4. We should also publish the Gradle rules
    so that it is easier to consume 0.9 / 1.0 in Android Studio etc.
    Currently I had to manually copy the jar into my project to make it

    On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 12:24 PM, Ian Craggs
    <mailto:icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        Thanks. I'll try it out myself if I get the chance.


        On 06/20/2014 11:12 AM, Sergio Torassa wrote:

            absolutely nothing but "lost connection" message
            I'll make some other tests and let you know about possible
            new hints


            On 06/20/2014 11:58 AM, Ian Craggs wrote:


                there's nothing that I'm aware of that should cause your
                problem. Do you have any more information about the
                problems you are seeing? Error messages or exceptions
                for instance?


                On 06/19/2014 04:31 PM, Sergio Torassa wrote:

                    Hi all

                    I have an old Android app (4.0.3) based on
                    org.eclipse.paho.client.__mqttv3.jar that worked
                    Now I moved to
                    org.eclipse.paho.client.__mqttv3-0.9.0.jar and it
                    does not work anymore.
                    In particular it disconnect the client anytime a
                    message arrives or I publish a message and I need to
                    Also it does not receive any message.

                    I put my MQTT test app on StackOverflow asking for
                    help but without success so far.
                    this is the pointer:

                    I refactored the test app to use the old jar and it
                    started perfectly working.

                    Is there a particular point I need to be careful
                    about moving to the new release?

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