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[paho-dev] MQTT-Debugging

Hi everyone,

I am Sandro from, Göttingen Germany. Currently, I am working on a MQTT-Debugging application for Chrome as part of this year Google Summer of Code. The application is similar to Copper, the Firefox Add-on that allows CoAP developers to debug their CoAP-applications. 

At the moment, I am working on the UI and like to get some feedback from the MQTT-community. At first, the application is based on the following concepts: 

You can have multiple environments for different debugging scenarios 

Environments can have multiple connections to different brokers

Connections can have multiple subscriptions to different topics

Subscriptions can have multiple conditions that trigger events/notifications if these conditions are fulfilled

A condition can be for example if you only expect values from »0…10« on a certain topic but receive »100«, a »ERROR/WARNING« notification would be displayed to point out an error

On the other hand sometimes you like to quickly simulate/test some behavior, e.g. for every 10th temperature reading, the average of these needs to be published under a different topic, which could be done be a »custom trigger«

Manually publishing to a topic will also be possible 

To test the UI-concepts I would like to ask for two or three volunteers, with whom I could simulate certain situations and observe how well these tasks are carried out.  If someone is interested, please contact me directly and we can discuss everything off the mailing list. 

The current source is available at [1], but you need to compile the »SCSS« files to »CSS« first to actually see the UI. For those who just like to see the UI, it is available at [2].

Besides, I like to discuss the name of the application. Currently, my favourite is »MQTTinspect« or »MQTTinspector«, but I have several other ideas at [3]. Feel free to add your idea to the list or highlight/comment the ones you like. 

Thanks for your help,





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