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Re: [paho-dev] Building android service

Hi Al,
yeah you were right.

Don't know what exactly was wrong. Recloned and it and now it is
compiling without a glitch.
But I still get no jar file. What command do I have to use?

regards Alex

On 30.05.2014 10:57, Al Stockdill-Mander wrote:
> Alex,
> Which branch are you using and have you pulled from it to ensure
> you're up to date? I ask because I just tried this on both the master
> and develop branches and they worked fine, the only way I managed to
> get the error you've shown is if I took the client jar from the
> develop branch and tried to use it to build the android service in the
> master branch. There is a file mqttv3.jar in
> delete this before you try and build the service again, it seems to
> have been brought over when merging from the develop branch and must
> have been left there by mistake.
> Al
> On 29/05/14 18:53, paho@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am just trying to build the android service.
>> Steps I did:
>> - Compiled Paho Java Client
>> - Copied jar to "libs-dir
>> - called ant debug and ant release and ended up with this error
>> -compile:
>>      [javac] Compiling 7 source files to
>> /home/hrn/
>>      [javac]
>> /home/hrn/
>> error: MqttAndroidClient is not abstract and does not override abstract
>> method setProtocolVersion(MqttProtocolVersion) in IMqttAsyncClient
>>      [javac] public class MqttAndroidClient extends BroadcastReceiver
>> implements
>>      [javac]        ^
>>      [javac] 1 error
>> Seems that the java client contains new stuff and the android service is
>> not adjusted yet. Then the question is why it is in the same git branch.
>> best regards
>> Alex
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