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Re: [paho-dev] MQTT WebSockets Sandbox Server?

I couldn't connect to the broker using normal means either so I tried
to restart it - that failed because the port is already in use. lsof
-i TCP:1883 tells me that node (and ponte) is listening on that port
now. I killed ponte with the aim of restarting it, but now that
mosquitto is running ponte won't start.

That’s really weird. Ponte is indeed listening on that port but on a different interface ( /
However it looks like you may have reset to the default mosquitto.conf file that listens on all interface, where I explicitly set it to listen only on / Or did you?

Ian, I think the problem was the broker not websockets!

Ian do you still have issues? Definitely working for me now with both /ws and /mqtt. And I’m suspecting it's never been broken in the first place, maybe?
FWIW here’s a code snippet from
 var client = new Messaging.Client("ws://", "clientId");
    client._onConnectionLost_ = onConnectionLost;
    client._onMessageArrived_ = onMessageArrived;
        onSuccess: onConnect


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