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Re: [paho-dev] Website updates


I've added pages for the C and embedded C clients.  I updated the links on the main page for the C/C++ clients.  I will add pages for the other two C/C++ clients next week.

I'm not sure where we are with the C++ interface layer, because it came to my attention that the author has not signed a CLA, and I've not had a response from him to my request for him to do so.  As yet I don't know if that means we will have to withdraw it.  I am checking with legal.


On 03/19/2014 09:02 PM, Nicholas O'Leary wrote:
Hello Paho Committers.

I've now pushed the new website to:

I have done the page for the JS client to get the ball rolling - but will need input from the rest of you for the other clients/utilities we have.

You can see the list of clients/utilities that I was aware of when I put the new page together a month ago - Looking at the list now I see ObjC client is missing - any others that need to be there?

We need, at a bare minimum, a place holder page for everything we have that includes:
 - a link to its source repository
 - where appropriate, how to build it
 - a minimal hello world example

Over time, we can flesh out these pages with more content as is appropriate for each one. But I don't want the desire to create comprehensive pages get in the way of getting something up.

I'm leaving it to the logical 'owners' of each client/utility to step up and add their page. I would like to get them done in the next two weeks - please can you reply to this mail to identify which pages you're signing up to do. That way we can figure out the gaps and get them covered.


On 4 February 2014 08:12, Roger Light <roger@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Nick,

I think it's a definite improvement.

As much as a memo for myself, standard pydoc generated html can be
obtained using:

pydoc -w <path/to/>

This produces... interesting results:  that don't *quite* :) fit in with
your theme and, hurrah, doesn't make use of CSS (there is an open bug
on the issue here: )



On Sat, Feb 1, 2014 at 11:17 PM, Nicholas O'Leary <nick.oleary@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> as mentioned on the Paho call recently, I've begun working on a refresh of
> the Paho website.
> The intention is to have dedicated pages for each component that includes
> download links, getting-started guides, how-to build etc - something that is
> long overdue.
> I'll be looking to the owners of each component to help out once I've got a
> bit more of it in place. The goal is for consistency. I'm not so worried
> about getting auto-generated client docs looking the same (is the
> pydoc/jsdoc/javadoc stuff) but at the very least the landing pages for the
> clients need to be consistent in look and content.
> I am still working on an example component page (based on the _javascript_
> client, hence the rabbit hole of refactoring I emailed about earlier), but I
> have updated the main page. You can see it here:
> Let me know what you think.
> Nick
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