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[paho-dev] Website updates


as mentioned on the Paho call recently, I've begun working on a refresh of the Paho website.

The intention is to have dedicated pages for each component that includes download links, getting-started guides, how-to build etc - something that is long overdue.

I'll be looking to the owners of each component to help out once I've got a bit more of it in place. The goal is for consistency. I'm not so worried about getting auto-generated client docs looking the same (is the pydoc/jsdoc/javadoc stuff) but at the very least the landing pages for the clients need to be consistent in look and content.

I am still working on an example component page (based on the _javascript_ client, hence the rabbit hole of refactoring I emailed about earlier), but I have updated the main page. You can see it here:

Let me know what you think.


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