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[paho-dev] MQTT Google Chrome Client -- proposal as a GSoC

Hi Everyone,

I have just proposed a project for the Google Summer of Code

This is the project proposal:

There are few desktop client for MQTT and tools that might help debugging MQTT applications. Google Chrome App can use full TCP, so we can have a full MQTT client inside Chrome As an example, the CoAP community have Copper (, and most people find it extremely useful for testing their apps and things.
The work involved would include:
  • Adapt Paho _javascript_ client or MQTT.js to run inside a Google Chrome App over the exposed TCP API.
  • Design and develop a user interface for MQTT, which can even be open sourced on its own and run with MQTT over Websocket. It might be based on AngularJS or any other popular JS framework.
  • Develop the MQTT Google Chrome App based on the adapted MQTT client and designed UX.

What do you guys think about this? Do anybody want to help as a mentor with me on this?



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