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[paho-dev] Hackathon at EclipseCon 2014 next month

Hi there,

I know that many people from the Paho and MQTT community at large will be attending EclipseCon next month in Burlingame, so I thought I would remind you that we are organizing this year again a hackathon for committers and newcomers to meet&hack around their favorite projects.
The good news is that it’s on Tuesday 19th, exactly in-between the MQTT Interop Day (there’s also an MQTT tutorial) on Monday, and the M2M/IoT day on Wednesday.

This hackathon is a perfect opportunity to get more familiar with the people behind the projets and get help on tackling issues that could use more face-to-face interaction. FWIW I would advise you to have a look at the existing tickets in bugzilla and flag the ones that you think are appropriate for newcomers with the keyword « helpwanted », or « bugday ».

Please put your name on the dedicated wiki page [1] if you plan on attending, and should you have any question just let me know.
Looking forward to meeting and hacking with you in just a few weeks!

Benjamin Cabé
Eclipse Foundation

EclipseCon 2014

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