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Re: [paho-dev] Help! Paho Embedded C Compilation Error

Hi Oskar,

sorry I haven't responded before.  Although there are some Eclipse IDE project files in the directory, they don't work for building the project yet.  Apart from having to work out how to build several targets in one project (my problem), there are other reasons:

1. I thought that people would want to pick and choose modules for the smallest binaries
2. the client is meant to be used on all or any platforms, including non-Posix, so this would be an example only of a build for Linux

So I provided some simple build scripts, to build the samples for Linux, and for the unit test.  I've used these build scripts, not the Eclipse IDE project build.  I'll try and get that working when I can...


On 08/02/14 17:58, Oskar Jazdowski wrote:

Hi all! Very Happy to have just joined the paho-dev community.  I was very excited to see that Ian Craggs has released aPaho Embedded-C client on GitHub. There are some good "build requirement/compilation" instructions accompanying the download but they assume a good working knowledge of makefiles and linux. While I regard myself as a competent software engineer my experience has not leant itself to makefiles compilation. As such I've been unable to resolve my makefile related errors when compiling the project:

 Error 127: "recipe for target 'src/MQTTDeserializeConnect.o ' failed 

I've referenced the net and stackoverflow but am struggling. I was hoping some enthusiastic user could assist me in resolving this. I am very eager to develop and contribute alongside the Paho community.

  Paho Embedded-C source:

Screenshot of error:

Hope to hear from you! Many thanks

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