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Re: [paho-dev] Release Planning for Paho - thoughts?


your comments are very helpul.  Thanks!

The only thing I could not easy find was "regular builds" with evidence of "passing test suites" -- and may well be there ... but I could not easily see any recent, regular builds, even at .

The existing client libraries are pretty stable at the moment.  Yes, there are some enhancements that need to be put into the main streams, but the libraries are pretty fully functional as they are. 

For non-Java environments I am struggling a bit with what packaging means.  For the C library, we have demand for Windows and MacOS builds, but currently the Eclipse build infrastructure does not support these, except the possibility of cross compilation.  Mike and Wayne have some disagreement about whether those build environments should be supported:

Also, one of the requirements for simultaneous release inclusion is
"and be in a build for the composite site aggregation by M4".  Can you explain what that means?



On 29/11/13 21:26, David M Williams wrote:
From a "Simultaneous Release" point of view, yes ... you should go ahead and create it. Technically, to "join the Simultaneous Release" you should announce to cross-project list
(as well as subscribe to it :) and for that you need a "release record". See
And you need to do so before "M4" (which is 12/13).
[Technically, you can do later, via the "Exception Process" ... but seems like you have time to do it by the deadline ... don't make any of the requested tasks harder than they need to me :) ]

On the topic of "incubation", see
in particular

I initially asked about it in the context of "ready for production use or not" ... as an incubating project can (still) have a release but typically the "release number" is below "1.0" ... such as "0.8" or something. And while there is no formal statement about it, remaining in "incubation phase" when you release is sort of an implicit signal your code "could be used for production, but is a little less mature than enterprise production", in rough terms (which, again, are just my own words and subjective view ... there's nothing formal about it).

In terms of the "Eclipse Process" to graduate from incubation can be done at the same time as you release ... though is a little more work as you need to document that you are "ready for graduation", etc. If there is any doubt in your minds, one strategy might be to have your "first release" (combined with a graduation) say in March of 2014 ... that would be "1.0" then have another "release" in June, with the Luna train, that would mostly be bug fixes and minor additions (and it'd be "1.1" ... just a few short months later).
While this may sound like "more work" ... overall it is probably easier, since it will spread out the work so each step is a little easier.

But if there is no doubt in your minds, you can combine the two and do "1.0" in June. Or, if you know you are not "ready for formal graduation", you can just plan for 0.8 in June, or similar.  

In either case, to graduate, you want to demonstrate that you have regular "milestone" builds. I assume you have no literal dependencies on the rest of the "release train"?, but would be best to follow the same dates (which has milestones about once every 6 weeks or so).  See"">
as well as the whole wiki at
The point of "the Simultaneous Release" (among other things) is that adopters know they can depend on certain dates and updates for early testing, etc. in addition to the actual final release and subsequent maintenance releases.

Lastly, it is "up to your PMC" if you are ready for graduation, or not ... so you might want to meet/discuss with them on what the expectations are ... perhaps with a outline of why you think you are ... say in January, or so. (Each PMC is a little different, and I'm not that familiar with projects graduating in Technology PMC). But, from a quick skim read of your forum and bugzilla component, I'd say you are close to ready .... if not already ready. The only thing I could not easy find was "regular builds" with evidence of "passing test suites" -- and may well be there ... but I could not easily see any recent, regular builds, even at . Perhaps related, the "Git history" seemed to be kind of slow lately (again ... all from a very quick skim read from me). And, ideally, you'd have "evidence of adoption" ... even if just for research projects or informal device work (does not have to be in a commercial product or anything). None of this is meant as any sort of criticism, I'm just saying its hard for me to tell at a glance if you are ready for graduation from incubation, or not.

But, even if not ready for graduation, I would encourage you to work towards a release ... there's nothing like deadlines to make sure work gets done! :)

Let me know if/when you have more specific questions -- and hope my wordy comments are helpful.


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Subject:        Re: [paho-dev] Release Planning for Paho - thoughts?
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Andy, Dave,

I was thinking of a release with the MQTT standard support in it at least.  Maybe another before that.

Shall I go ahead and create a release document in the project database

so we can plan it?  Initial target date?


On 28/11/13 17:37, Andy Piper wrote:

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 2:57 PM, Ian Craggs <icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No, we've not had any releases yet.  But in my opinion, the Java, C and _javascript_ clients are ready for production use, and I would talk to Roger about the Python client.  We are getting regular bug reports for the Java and C clients.


We have dallied on a lot of this stuff, partly as newcomers and partly due to the range of interests and languages we are balancing, but I think the whole team of committers (at least those who regularly join the checkpoint calls) agree that we want to make a formal release signalling readiness for production use, at least in the cases of some clients.

We are also interested in being part of the release train for Luna in particular to promote our participation in the broader Eclipse M2M ecosystem. It looks like we should jump in to some of the cross-project mailing list discussions as Wayne suggests!

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